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William Walker Watch

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William Walker Watch

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The amazing history of William Walker

A century ago Winchester Cathedral was saved by the heroic work of Portsmouth dockyard diver, William Walker.
The cathedral had been in imminent danger of collapse as it was sinking slowly into the ground, which consisted of peat.
Known as ‘Diver Bill’ he was employed to descend into the murky water of 235 pits, each about 6m deep, to temporarily shore up the walls by putting concrete underneath them.
He worked from 1906 until 1911 supporting the cathedral using more than 25,000 bags of concrete, 115,000 concrete blocks and 900,000 bricks.

Inspired by a Hero

The William Walker Watch takes its unique design cues from the 1900 Siebe Gorman & Company copper and brass dive helmet. The deep blue enamel dial represents that Walker was a deep-sea diver – the best in the country. The applied logo, signed crown, and double deployment butterfly clasp sport the logo which comes from the helmets glass guard.


Swiss Movement

The watch’s heart is a Swiss made movement. It houses a STP calibre 1-11 self winding automatic. The movement is decorated with 26 jewels, a jewelled barrel bridge, Cotes De Geneve (Geneve Stripes) on the rotor wheel, and perlage work on the bridges.

Amazing History

Learn more about the great man that inspired this watch. William Walker re-laid  the foundations of the longest medieval cathedral in the world with his bare hands! This meant laying over 1 million bricks, under water, in zero visibility, under the cathedral, for 5 years!


Promoting Patina

Untreated, copper and brass will react with their environments causing oxidisation. This is known as the patina of the metal, and different environments will create a different patina. The case of every watch will have a patina unique to the owner, based on where they go, and what they do. What will your William Walker Watch’s patina say about you?



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